McPherson Construction brings knowledge and experience to
the process by:

  • Gathering the information needed for a construction loan
  • Creating the contract
  • Preparing estimates and budgets
  • Developing a project schedule
  • Maintaining a supplier and sub-contractor line of communication
  • Providing valuable tips on floor plan designs; what works and what doesn’t
  • Controlling costs
  • Offering home designs that; provide interior, exterior appeal; demonstrates energy efficiency; produces healthy and environmentally friendly homes that are affordable
  • Keeping the work site clean, secure and safe
  • Keeping the work site clean, secure and safe
  • Consistently applying quality standards
  • Providing attention to detail in design and craftsmanship; but more importantly in code compliance
  • Explaining change request procedures
  • Discussing the schedule throughout the process
  • Providing tours of the site when requested and answering questions and addressing concerns
  • Providing a warranty
  • Handling permits and compliance with local building authorities
  • Handling mandatory home progress inspections and deals with local building authorities
  • Scheduling sub-contractors to keep the flow of the project going
  • Establishing working relationship with reliable sub-contractors

We are also experienced with a wide range of finishes, unusual treatments and design details.

Offering this level of craftsmanship in custom homes is a quality hard to find

We want our clients to look forward to working with us again.

Jody McPherson, owner and general contractor

I have heard of owner/builders, why should I hire a General Contractor?

There are a number of reasons why you should hire a general contractor. Following are a few key reasons.

  • A general contractor will have a better idea of projected costs. They know the market material costs. They will know where there may be an increase that could affect your purchases after the project is well under way.
  • General contractors have established relationships with sub-contractors that they know and trust. In a booming housing market, the ability to schedule sub-contractors in a timely fashion is vital.
  • Time is money and paying additional interest on a construction loan can get very costly. Scheduling is one of the most important aspects of a construction project. A general contractor is intimately familiar with the building phases. Getting sub-contractors in when you are ready is the most effective way to manage time and keep a project moving. Scheduling an electrician to do the rough- in before you are ready, for example, can be a costly error. You may not be able to get the same electrician back to your job when you are ready because he has had to move on to another project. Finding a reliable company to replace him on short notice could put you in a position of going to a company that is more expensive or less desirable. The most valuable point in this situation is the time lost.

What distinguishes McPherson Construction and Jody McPherson from others in the industry?

  • Jody is a hands-on part of the building process. He is onsite and actually participates in the process. He not only supervises, but also has his tool belt on and is available for questions.
  • We are often able to offer lower percentages and are thus able to price our services very competitively, without sacrificing quality and customer service.
  • While most have difficulty conceptualizing the finished home. Jody has a unique artistic ability to see the final project as it will be when finished. When viewing the blueprints for a home, Jody can visualize the rock, carpet, stone and finished interior.

How long does it take to build a home?

It generally takes an average of 6 - 8 months to complete a home. However, some time intensive custom homes can take up to 12 months.